'Creative Coding in Max 8 for Beginners' | Teresa Connors
Part 1
Time: Thursday, August 19th, 10-12am
Location: MUN Signal Hill Campus, 100 Signal Hill Road

Part 2
Time: Friday, August 20th, 10-12am
Location: MUN Signal Hill Campus, 100 Signal Hill Road

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/363615754561265/

Creative coding in Max 8 for beginners: Max 8 is a powerful and easy-to-learn visual programming language used by artists, composers, and researchers to create interactive and/or generative new media and tools. Workshop participants will take the first steps to create sonic and visual effects and generative new media.

This workshop will take place over two sessions wherein the first session is a more basic introduction to the software, and the second session will guide participants through the process of creating sonic and visual new media.

Participants must bring a laptop with Max/MSP installed (30-day free download for new users or monthly subscription for $9.99: https://cycling74.com/shop); and headphones/earbuds.
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