4th Annual "Christmas Sniff for ARF"- Saturday December 15, 2018
Christmas Sniff for ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)
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I CERTIFY that I am the owner or authorized agent of the actual owner of the dog entered in this sporting detection charity fundraiser hosted by Shanna Chynoweth and Dawg Gone Good. I accept full responsibility for all statements made in this entry and for the dog’s participation in this fundraiser. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry I agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the charity fundraiser and any additional rules and regulations put forth regarding this specific event. I agree that Shanna Chynoweth, Dawg Gone Good, and its volunteers, assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by spectators or by exhibitors and handlers, or to any of their dogs or property. Shanna Chynoweth and Dawg Gone Good are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft and I hold the Shanna Chynoweth, the host and any volunteers harmless from any claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from my participation in this event.
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