[ANONYMOUS] EA Oxford Community Survey
Hey, there! By filling out this form you provide the Effective Altruism Oxford community with important insights on how to improve, which types of events to run etc. We'd be glad to know your opinion and appreciate constructive feedback!
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Inclusion and Diversity
We want to learn more about the experiences had by members of the EA Oxford community with regards to feeling included/excluded, welcomed/unwelcomed, empowered/marginalised by others within the community and at EA Oxford events. In particular, we want to improve on dimensions of creating a welcoming, inclusive culture and would like to hear your feedback and suggestions for us on this topic.

We will publish a statement soon outlining our commitment to creating this kind of culture and concrete steps we want to take to achieve this.

How friendly, enjoyable and welcoming have you experienced the EA Oxford community to be?
Very unfriendly, unenjoyable and unwelcoming
Very friendly, enjoyable and welcoming
Have you had experiences of feeling unwelcome, excluded, marginalised or disempowered by other members of the EA Oxford community or at EA Oxford events?
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