Sexual Assault/Harassment Experiences at UC Davis
Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are sorry about the challenging, unfair experiences you have faced and The REVIVAL Zine (the feminist community at UCD) stands in solidarity with you.

All responses are 100% anonymous and the purpose of this project is threefold: (1) give you your power back by allowing you to reclaim your voice, (2) educate the Davis community about the prevalence of sexual assault/harassment experiences, and (3) identify specific organizations or groups that have failed to support survivors to call for accountability from.

We want to make UC Davis a safer space. You do not have to identify as female/femme to submit your experience. We are NOT mandated reporters so do NOT submit names of assaulters or predators - please utilize the official report form: or contact

You are not alone. Let's build a community for survivors to come together, support one another, and fight for better treatment.
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(Optional but recommended). If there was a specific organization at UCD that failed to support you after you reported to them, directly or indirectly created an unsafe environment, knowingly supported/defended a perpetrator, or was complicit in your/others' sexual assault/harassment experiences, please select from the list below or name the specific organization in the "Other" option.
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Reach out to us at with any questions, and check out + our IG: @therevivalzine to see published content involving these responses.
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