Online Activities
Beating the boredom during isolation and lockdown is difficult and thinking of activities to keep children occupied is no mean feat and that’s where we want to step in, but we need your help first.

We’d like parents throughout Doncaster to answer some really quick questions to give us an idea of what activities their family would like to take part in. We'll use your suggestions to create some great new sessions for children and young people.

The survey should take you no longer than 5 minutes. So, grab yourself a cuppa (and maybe a biscuit because, let’s face it, you deserve it!), and let us know your views.

YMCA Doncaster won’t share any personal details collected in this survey. We will, however, use anonymised information gained to feed into our own reports and for future funding applications.
What are the first 4 digits of your postcode? *
How many people live in your household aged 25 and under? *
What age range is the child / children in your household? (tick all that apply) *
Has your child/ren been asked to isolate since returning to school/college in September, due to a positive Covid-19 case within the class? *
Have you worked during lockdown? *
Did your child attend any of the following prior to the Covid-19 pandemic (tick all that apply) *
During Lockdown and periods of isolation, has your child accessed any of the following online sessions (tick all that apply) *
Which online sessions do you feel your child would benefit from (tick all that apply) *
What device is your child/ren most likely to access the internet with? *
What is your monthly household income? *
Do you have any other ideas for online activities, or thoughts on how this would help your family?
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