Amaranth Registration 2018/19 Season
Welcome to the Amaranth Registration process for the 2018/19 season. This form must be completed in order to register for the club.

You do not need to complete this form if you were registered at the end of the previous season.

For players under the age of 18, this form should be completed by a parent. All questions relating to the player should be answered about the player. All contact information should be relevant to a parent or guardian. If you are an senior player, please complete the information for yourself.

By registering, you are accepting the terms in which your data will be held and used as detailed within our Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be found on our website at

Please type the full name of the player? *
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Now please enter the date of birth for the player? *
Please enter the date of birth including the correct year (If 2018 is showing, please overtype this)
Next we need the full address for the player? Don't forget the postcode *
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Please enter the gender for the player? *
Please select the team the player is registering for, for the coming season. We've added the names of the managers to help you pick the right one! *
We need to know who is completing this form. Please enter your name (If same as player name, just enter it again here.)
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Please select your relationship to the player *
Next we need to know of any medical issues we should be aware of? This would include any known medical conditions or allergies. If none, please enter 'none'.
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How do we get in touch with you? Please supply a contact telephone number. If registering a junior player, this should be the named parent or guardian. *
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Please supply a contact email address. If registering a junior player, this should be the email address of a parent or guardian. Please double check for mistakes as this bit is REALLY important! *
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Now we need the name of an Emergency contact. If you are a parent, please supply the name of a third party as an alternative contact. *
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Please provide the telephone number for the person named as emergency contact. *
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Do you consent to representatives of Amaranth Football Club providing urgent medical assistance if required? We will always use the Emergency Services if required and all representatives of Amaranth have first aid qualifications. *
Amaranth Football Club may take photographs or video of club members for promotional use such as on our website. Do you permit to the use of these images. We follow FA guidelines for Photography *
Finally, please enter any additional information that might be relevant to help us process your registration. This field can be left blank if not required.
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