TouchBass LLC / TTM Incident Report Form
To file an incident report with TouchBass LLC (TTM Umbrella Organization) please complete and submit the following form which is intended to collect information and details about possible conduct (and other) violations within our community and events, To The Moon in particular.
This form will serve as records kept and aid in any potential followup and investigation, should they become necessary. Anonymous reports cannot be followed up on, neither can 3rd Party Reports (meaning a report filed on someone else's behalf) but will be kept for potential future cross reference (or to establish potential pattern).
All reports will be received by the BOD. Once an adequate investigation has taken place, the BOD will discuss necessary actions.

Important to remember:

Reports can only be submitted by someone directly harmed in the action: third-parties can report on behalf of others but we need explicit consent to investigate by the wronged person. Third Party complaints only aid in establishing possible pattern of an alleged accused party.

The BOD only has power to act in response to incidents which took place within an TouchBass LLC event, on official social media pages, or by named Team Leads.
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*While you may report anonymously, please keep in mind that doing so makes it impossible for the Conduct Committee to do any follow up on the incident, and thus no action can be taken as a direct result of this report. Anonymous reports can still be useful if they contain verifiable facts and can help indicate patterns, but are limited by our inability to follow up.
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Please describe in as much detail what incident occurred to the best of your recollection.
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Please list Art Installations, Sound / Theme Camps for reference if necessary.
Can you identify people / parties involved *
Please let us know if you know names of people involved in incident and share with us.
Do you recall any direct eyewitnesses to the incident? *
If yes, please give as much information about eyewitnesses as you can, so we can contact them directly. Please consider without needed pertinent and necessary information, our ability to contact them and resolve matters, may be limited..
What is the outcome you are hoping for in this case? *
Please let us know what it would take for you to feel resolved.
Do you plan to pursue legal action? *
Please know we will not pursue legal action on your behalf. However, with your consent, we would use any legal documentation to pursue your case internally if you do choose to pursue legal action.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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