Financial Education Initial Survey
This survey will help us better understand your needs and how we can work together.
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Please provide your year of birth so we can better design lesson plans for you.
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Do you currently receive any form of income from work, welfare, social security, or other sources?
Expenes *
Are you currently responsible for paying some or all of your own or other people's (spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, or others) expenses?
Valid ID *
Do you currently have a valid state issued ID ( a drives license or ID)?
SS Card *
Do you have your Social Security Card?
EBT Card *
Do you have an active EBT Card?
Checking Account *
Do you have an active checking account at a bank or credit union?
Savings Account *
Do you have an active savings account at a bank or credit union?
Credit Montitoring *
Have you set up a CreditKarma account?
Min Basic Credit Score *
What's the minimum credit score you should maintain to qualify for basic loans such as credit cards and auto?
Excellent Credit Score *
What is considered an excellent credit score
Tracking *
Are you keeping track of your income and expenses? If yes which of the following do you use?
My Head
Piece of Paper
Mobile App
I don't Track
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Credit Cards *
Do you think credit cards are
The Devil
Nice to Have
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Is there anything specific you'd like to learn from this course?
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