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Where __________ from?
I´m from Russia.
We have _________ house in Moscow.
I have two ___________ , a boy and a girl.
I work in a ____________.
I´m a doctor.
Excuse me, __________ speak French?
_________ were you at the weekend?
I was in Scotland.
How much are _________ shoes?
Where are my glasses?
They´re _________ the table.
I don´t see my parents very often ____________ they live in South Africa.
Rosie stayed _______________ home yesterday afternoon.
Do you want to listen to music or ___________ TV?
____________ you have a good time at the party?
Yes, it was fun.
Bob will meet _____________ at the airport.
____________ use your dictionary?
Excuse me, how do I __________- to the bus station?
I´d like ___________- milk in my coffee, please.
Is this a good time to talk.
Sorry, no. I ___________ dinner.
We ___________ going to the theatre next Saturday.
Did Amina finish the report?
No. She ___________ it tomorrow.
The last time I __________ Joanna was in Paris.
If you _______ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.
Can I make myself a cup of coffee?
Of course. You __________ to ask.
If the weather ___________ bad tomorrow, we can go to a museum.
Hans isn´t here. He _______ to see his grandmother.
He´ll be back tomorrow.
When I was a child, I __________ climb the wall and jump into our neighbour´s garden.
Lena used to find work boring _________ she became a nurse.
I __________ outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.
Shall we go to The Riceboat for dinner?
It _____________ be fully booked. They´re sometimes busy on Monday.
I couldn´t __________ up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.
John____________ working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn´t made much progress yet.
I was wondering ________ I could ask you some questions.
What clothes should I pack for a trip to Boston?
Well, it depends ________ the time of year that you go.
Some married couples seem to become more ________ over time.
Salsa music always ___________ me of my trip to Cuba.
How about going to Colours nightclub?
There´s no ___________ I´m going there. It´s awful.
I´m afraid your car ________ repaired before next week.
The amount of organically grown food on sale has __________enormously in recent years.
People were amazed that the burglary took place in _______ daylight.
She invested a lot of time _______ researching the most appropriate university course.
I ________ remember putting my briefcase down on that shelf.
He turned _______ to be considerably older than I had imagined.
The windows in this house are in urgent _______ of replacement.
Life is a _________ deal easier for immigrants who can speak the local language.
We may be a bit late. We´re ______ in a traffic jam.
Gospel music has been a major influence ____ other musical styles, especially soul.
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