CLIMATE ACTION Design Thinking Jam Session (3-5PM) Tuesday April 20, 2020
120 Minutes to Change the World. Are you in? Workshop led by John Ayers, IBM

Determining and clearly defining the problem to focus on is often the first step to solving it. Leveraging Enterprise Design Thinking is a powerful way to ideate quickly, with an intention to iterate on solutions over time. Join this fun, virtual, highly interactive, fast-paced Climate Action Design Thinking Jam Session. Over the course of two hours, be prepared to engage, share, think, inspire, and be inspired. All problems are solved by starting with an idea, and maybe, just maybe you will be part of something that changes the world. Are you in?

**This workshop is part of the 2021 Virtual Africa's Readiness for Climate Change (ARCC) Forum. Learn more and register for ARCC:

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