DM 2017-2018 Promotions and Pre-Events Application
Dance Marathon at FGCU is seeking a Promotions and Pre-Events Chair to oversee the Promotions and Pre-Events for the 13.1-hour DM event. This individual will work closely with the Marketing Director and DM Executive Team to ensure that the all Dance Marathon promotions and pre-events run smoothly before the 13.1 Hour event. This individual will also be sure to place the safety of our dancers, families, and community partners is of the utmost importance at all times.

• This person will work on the promotion of the 13.1 hour event.
• This person will work closely with the social media chair to ensure the 13.1 hour event is well promoted.
• This person will work closely with the social media chair to ensure the pre-events are well promoted.
• This person will organize all pre-events of DM 2018 ; such as set-up, breakdown, and the actual events themselves.
• This person will create a customized promotion plan for the DM 2018, 13.1 Hour Event.
• This person will be in charge of tabling reservations to promote Dance Marathon.

Requirements and Skills:
• Must be a registered, full-time FGCU student taking 9 credit hours at the undergraduate or graduate level.
• Must currently have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in Spring of 2017 and throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.
• Be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
• Must be able to commit to this role for the entire year, including fall, spring, and until the next DM Executive Board and Chairpersons are selected.
• Must not be studying abroad during fall or spring semesters.
• Must be a great communicator and able to work under high stress situations.
• Must be willing to be very hands-on when it comes to set-up and clean-up.
• Must be innovative when it comes to event layout and usage of space.
• Must be able to think quickly in emergency situations.
• Must be comfortable in front of a crowd.
• Must be FTK!

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