Camas MST Magnet Teacher/Adult Recommendation
Every applicant to the Camas MST Program is required to seek out four (4) recommendations to support their application.

A required fourth recommendation can come from a core academic teacher the student has had previously, an electives teacher, a coach, or any other adult (other than a parent or relative) they think would give more support for their application.

There is no differentiation in weighting of the four required recommendations; they are all equally important.

We are looking for students who demonstrate:

- a high ability, aptitude, and interest in math, science, and technology.
- a desire to engage in research and project-oriented learning.
- the ability to persevere when faced with complex problems.
- ethical behaviors in all aspects of learning.
- creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to contribute to the structure of their own learning experience.
- an ability to be self-sufficient, to follow through, and to produce high-quality work.
- a willingness to work in a team-oriented environment.
- an interest in refining their oral, written, and visual communication skills.
- aspirations to strengthen leadership skills and contribute as a citizen of the 21st Century.

We appreciate your cooperation in completing this form. Please be candid about this student's academic ability and motivation. This form is just one piece of the student's application and will be kept confidential.
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