2019 Create Columbus Commission Macro Grant Application
This application is for annual Create Columbus Commission grants up to $10,000 to support Young Professionals in Columbus, Ohio.

Grants from the CCC are meant to fund catalysts. These catalysts are young professionals with ideas, events, and audacious goals for the growth of the young professional community in Columbus. The micro-grants will have a lasting impact and jump start the city’s brightest and most ambitious citizens and ideas. In providing resources to these ventures, we will invest in co-creation and promote the urban pulse. We take this initiative one step forward with a commitment to recognize co-creators amplifying the urban pulse throughout the city.

The Create Columbus Commission is looking to fund projects and initiatives that help make it to enhance the young professional experience in Columbus and further the focus areas of the Commission. These focus areas include:

1. Improve personal financial health and wellness:
Further the financial stability and wellness of young professionals.

2. Amplify the urban pulse:
Strengthen efforts of community building and cultural exchanges between young professionals.

3. Position young professionals as co-creators of the city:
Challenge the status quo and foster the spirit of collaboration to cultivate an open and smart Columbus for all young professionals.


Monday, June 10: Final grant applications due
Monday, July 22: Grant Applicants Notified of Status
Friday, September 6: Funds Disbursed

Please forward any questions you might have to the Create Columbus Grants Chair, Maylin Sambois-Sanchez, at createcolumbusgrants@gmail.com
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Initiative / Project Name
Amount requested from Create Columbus Commission (Note: the Create Columbus Commission reserves the right to grant a portion of your ask)
Describe what the funds will be used for (100 words or less)
Organizational Information
Create Columbus Commission grant applicants are required to either:
A) Be a registered 501(c)(3) organization OR
B) Partner with a registered 501(c)(3) as your fiscal agent

Applicants are required to provide their (or their fiscal agents) IRS Letter of Designation to confirm 501(c)(3) status. If you are using a fiscal agent, a signed letter from the chair or president of the fiscal agent’s board is required.

What is a fiscal agent? A fiscal agent is an organization who can act as your taxable entity. We will cut a check to your fiscal agent and they will give you your grant money. In the case of CCC grants, you can partner with organizations aligned with your mission or organizations you have previously partnered with. Your fiscal agent does not have to be a part of the project/initiative for which you are applying. We do not want this qualification to deter you from applying. If you are having trouble brainstorming a fiscal agent, please reach out to createcolumbusgrants@gmail.com and we will do our best to help connect you!
Please select what best describes your tax status:
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501(c)(3) or Fiscal Agent Information
Organization name
Organization EIN number
Organization board president/chair
Organization address
Organization contact email
Organization contact phone
Organization website
Initiative / Project Contact
Initiative / Project contact name
Initiative / Project contact email
Initiative / Project contact phone
Initiative / Project contact address
Initiative / Project contact website
Organizational Affiliation
Have you received Create Columbus Grant funding in the past?
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If yes, what was the initiative / project and its results to date? (100 words or less)
Do you or your organization have an affiliation with a Create Columbus Commissioner? If so, please list the name(s) below:
Please list any Create Columbus Commissioners on the board of or employed by your organization:
Initiative / Project Overview
How will your initiative or project impact Columbus young professionals? (100 words or less)
The Create Columbus Commission works to advocate for initiatives focused on economic prosperity, urban pulse, and co-creation. Specifically, our macro-grants aim to advocate for initiatives focused on the economic prosperity. How will your grant promote the young professional economic prosperity? (100 words or less)
How will you measure the impact of your initiative? (50 words or less)
How will your initiative be sustainable or have a lasting impact after your Create Columbus Commission funding ends? (50 words or less)
How will you leverage other resources or sources of funding? (50 words or less)
Please explain how else the Create Columbus Commission can be involved with your initiative/project (ie: attend events, participate in discussions, help get the word out, etc.) (50 words or less)
Initiative Timeline & Goals
What is the timeline for your micro grant funds to be used? Please include any key dates.
What are the key goals and deliverables of your initiatives? (100 words or less)
Budget & Funding Details
Total Project Budget
Amount requested from Create Columbus Commission (Note: the Create Columbus Commission reserves the right to grant a portion of your ask)
Amount requested from other sources (if applicable)
Do you have intent to pursue additional funding? Please include any funding already secured, including funding dependent on Create Columbus funding.
Initiative Expenses
Please list any expenses you anticipate to incur throughout your initiative.
Supplies & Materials requested from the Create Columbus Commission
Supplies & Materials requested from other sources (if applicable)
Services requested from the Create Columbus Commission
Services requested from other sources (if applicable)
Marketing and Media requested from the Create Columbus Commission
Marketing and Media requested from other sources (if applicable)
Other Expenses requested from the Create Columbus Commission
Other Expenses requested from other sources (if applicable)
Are there any more details of your budget and expenses we should know about?
We require that grant recipients provide evidence of how our funding is used. Grant recipients are required to:
1. Provide the CCC with applicable receipts of how the funds were spent
2. Provide the CCC with photo/video of the initiative
3. Publicly acknowledge through social media that your initiative was funded in part by a CCC micro grant

Receipts, photo/video, and public acknowledgement are reported bi-annually to the Create Columbus Commission. Upon receipt of your grant, you will receive further information about our reporting process. Failure to properly report will result in disqualification from future grant opportunities through the Create Columbus Commission.
Do you agree to provide any applicable receipts as well as photo/videos of your initiative to the Create Columbus Commission?
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Are you able to post on social media accounts the result of your micro grant crediting that the initiative was funded by the Create Columbus Commission?
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Final Checklist
To finalize your application, please send the following to createcolumbusgrants@gmail.com
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