Madinatul Uloom Institute Financial Aid Request
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Alhamdulillah, all praise belongs to Allah.

At Madinatul Uloom Institute, we offer an assortment of classes for students of all ages. The majority of our classes are offered at a nominal tuition, in order to cover the expenses of offering the class. We understand that some individuals and families may be in financial difficulty and unable to afford the tuition. We have, therefore, never refused a student becuase of an inability to afford tuition.

For those individuals who are unable to afford the tuition, please fill out the form below, so we may assess how much financial aid to grant to the student. As the finances of individuals may improve over time, we will reassess our financial aid agreement on a yearly basis, insha'allah.

The tuition of our classes are:

Hifzul Quran Class                      $300/month
Alim Class                                    $300/month
Part-time Hifzul Quran Class    $150/month
Evening Quran Class                  $75/month
Weekend Quran Class                $75/month
One-year Ilm Intensive               $3000 (full course) or $300/month (over 10 months)*

*If a student would like to register for this course and pay it over 15 months, the tuition will be $200/month.
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