Programming course registration
This is the 6th batch of the mentoring program that I’m conducting at The Lycaeum. If you’re interested, please fill in the following form.

The registration will close on 25/June/2018 and the classes will start on 2/Jul/2018.

The contents are as follows. Please note that these have been updated since the last course.

Duration and timings
The course will start on 2/July/2018 and will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 15:30 to 17:00. The course will run for approximately 4 months and will get over in mid to late October. The dates and times can be adjusted depending on the convenience of the students.

Time table
There will be some ongoing activities like regular blogging, presentations about work done in front of the rest of the students etc. to encourage presentation skills.

Part 1 : Basics
The first part of the course covers basic skills that are useful to any programmer. Some of the topics that will be covered are basic UNIX, a programmers editor (Emacs), Version control (Git), Programming languages (C and Python).

Part 2 : Systems project
This is a small project to build a low level system to understand the computer at a systems level. We will build a small linux distribution from scratch. This will familiarise people with how a computer is organised and how things work at a low level.

Part 3: Individual projects
This is a small project. A separate one for each student so that they can hone their skills. I will give you several options and you have to work on of them from beginning to end. I will guide your progress and make sure that you develop the entire thing. You'll have to develop, document, and test the project.

You will have to present the project to the whole team at the end of the period.

Part 4: Group project
This is a larger project where all students will have to work as a team to develop the entire project. I will act as a customer/project manager who you have to get requirements from and then develop the entire thing through a collaborative process.

Part 5 : Code comprehension
This is a smaller project where the students are given a medium sized project with a request to add an feature or fix a bug. They’ll have to study the project and then make the requested change. This will give students the confidence to read and understand someone elses code.

Other details
Duration : 4 months. Approx 4.5 hours per week of contact classes.
Starting date : 2 July 2018
Placements : If you complete the projects properly and present them, I can help you with finding a job.
Contact information : You can email me for further information at or call me at +919567091835.
Fees : The course costs 25,000 INR. Half to be paid in advance to confirm your seat and the
remaining half to be paid after the course is over.

The course is demanding and you'll have to commit to it full time. Atleast 5 hours of continuous work per day. It's not possible to do this part time while working somewhere or while doing another course.

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