2018 Senior Survey Part I - Post-Secondary Plan
Please answer all questions thoroughly. This information is VERY IMPORTANT and will be used for newspaper announcements, scholarship decisions, to send final transcripts to colleges, to communicate with the military or places of employment and also will be provided as needed to people preparing the graduation ceremony and end of the year activities.
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You are the son or daughter of...(parents/guardians names will be in the next question) *
List your parent/guardian name(s) EXACTLY as you want it to appear in newspaper announcements. *
Example. Joseph Smith and Kelly Brown OR Robert and Tanya Young.
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Currently, my plan for NEXT YEAR is *
You may only choose one. We know that you may work while attending college. Please choose your primary plan only.
Are you a first generation college student? *
A first generation college student is a college-bound student whose parents did not attend college.
Please indicate the name of the college, technical school or military branch *
It is VERY important that this information is accurate. Inaccurate information will delay the processing of your final transcript. If you are not attending college/military next year, put NA in the box below.
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What will you be studying in college? *
If you are not attending college, put NA in the box below.
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Please indicate any scholarships that you have been awarded by your college or by community organizations. *
Please include the college or scholarship name and the amount awarded. If you are not aware of any at this time, please put NA in the box below. If you are notified of awards after completing this survey, please be sure to let Mrs. Stetin know.
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Below please tell us anything with which you still need assistance regarding college entrance, financial aid, searching for employment or anything else related to your post-secondary plan.
If you indicate that you need assistance with something, please make an appointment to see your counselor. If you do not need assistance, leave this item blank.
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Please list your email address below in case we need to contact you in the future. *
If you do not have an email address, write NONE in the box below.
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