2021 SECME Student Survey: Grades 3-5 BCPS ONLY
Hello SECME Student! This survey is for students in grades 3-5 only. If you are in a lower or higher grade please exit this survey and go to the survey for your correct grade level. Thank you!
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Has SECME made Mathematics easier to understand? *
Has SECME made Science easier to understand? *
Has SECME made computers and other technologies easier to understand? *
Did you compete in any SECME competitions? *
Which SECME activities did you compete in this year? Choose all that apply. *
What other activities did you work on in your SECME Program? *
What do you want to be when you grow up? *
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Has participation in SECME made science easier to understand? *
Has participation in SECME made technology and computers easier to understand and use? *
Has participation in SECME made mathematics easier to understand? *
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