Work at the Cornelius ball 2018
So you are interested to work during the Cornelius Ball February 10?
Well that's perfect because we are looking for people just like you!

You will be an important part of the Ball and have a very good opportunity to both meet a lot of new and exciting people as well as getting a first hand experience on what's going on behind the scenes at one of the greatest event held by Teknologkåren!

As a worker you will do one of following things:
- Help us prepare during the day and serve during the ball (approximately 12 am - 23 pm)
- Work in the bar (approximately 16 pm - 23 pm)
- Work during the night club (approximately 23 pm - 5 am)
- Work during the bal lunch on Sunday (11/2 between 12-20)

Did we forgot to mention that you will also be invited to a great thank you party?

What are you waiting for? Sign up here below!
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