2018 LLEF Auction
Thank you for your support of the 2018 LLEF Auction! Please use this form to let us know if you are able/interested to support the auction with any of the below items. Once you submit the form an LLEF volunteer will follow up with you with details.
Email address *
Vacation items to beach locations
Contact with time share agencies
Contact with hotel in beach location
Condo or Villa that could be made available as part of an auction package
Donate Airline Miles to LLEF
Are you able to help with
Tickets to various events
Great tickets or experience at a Warriors Game
Great tickets or experience at a Giants Game
Great tickets or experience at a Niners Game
Tickets to Dear Evan Hansen
Are you able to help with
Contacts for exclusive experiences
Contacts in Hollywood/movie industry for "behind the scenes" package
Contacts at golf courses for exclusive experiences
Contacts at companies that could offer "behind the scenes" tours (e.g NASA, etc...)
Contacts at wineries for wine donations and/or winery tours
Are you able to help with
Support of new kids parties
Rollerskating party
Overnight at a museum/aquarium/zoo
Beach cookout
Mother Son Bowling (new and improved)
Gymnastics party
Family biking at Filoli
Ice skating party
Escape room party
Would you co-host (schedule & organize)
Would you help underwrite ($100-$200 contribution)
Interesting jobs for shadow days
Business owner
Do you know anyone who could offer shadow days
Anything else you would like to contribute?
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