Holiday Request Form
What is this form for?
This form is for students enrolled to Lexis Korea and wish to request for holidays during course duration.
Please note that this request form applies only for your course and will not reflect any changes for your booked accommodation. If you need to make changes to your accommodation booking, please submit a separate 'Student Request Form' to request the change.

What is the condition to submit?
A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required for the request to be granted. Exceptions are offered only at the discretion of management for emergency situations to which proof or evidence is required.
Kindly be informed that the holiday is weekly-based (ie. your holiday start & return date would be the commencing Monday for the week).

When can you expect a reply from us?
You will receive a reply from us within 48 working hours of submitting this form, advising whether or not this request has been approved.
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