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GigFlare is a live music start-up trying to make life easier for everyone involved in attending live music events. It's a ticketing engine that gives a fair deal to artists and fans, alongside a local membership scheme which will give you special access and discounts for an annual price, all topped off with an app that lets you share your experiences and get closer to the music you love.

Because we want to make sure we do an incredible job, we've put together this short survey about people's live music habits.

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How many shows, in total, do you attend every month on average? *
How do you find out about shows you might want to attend? *
How frequently do you use the following method to buy tickets for shows you attend? *
Not often at all
Record stores
Online ticket sites
On the door at the show
From the venue before the show
How much, on average, does a ticket cost you for the shows you attend? *
What is the maximum number of shows you would consider attending in a month if all your favourite artists came to venues near you? *
How much would you say you spend in total (including whilst at the show) on live music each month?
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