Camp Fadija
Please answer these questions honestly and playfully. we want to know you !
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Are you from the Middle East/Arabia/North Africa or have lived there ? Tell us about it *
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Which is the best hummus in the world ? *
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How are you arriving to the playa ?
Will you be available to come for Build / Teardown ?
Can you help with producing this new camp in the sense of shopping and researching for materials in spain (basically, are you based in spain or have connections there ?)
How do you think you can contribute to the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern theme camp ? (its ok, you can make eduard said turn in his grave) *
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Do you drink coffee with sugar ?
What do i have in my pocket ?
Do you have special dietary needs ? *
Are you interested in doing slave/servant shifts on camp ? *
Anything else you want to share with us ?
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