Family Sponsorship Sign-Up: Save Afghan Sikhs
On March 25, 2020 several attackers raided the Gurdwara premises in Kabul Afghanistan, killing 25 and injuring 8 people. Of the deceased, one was a 3 year old child. The next day, the community was further traumatized as a bomb detonated beside the cremation site where the funeral services were being held. The Daesh (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack. In July 2019, a convey of 19 Sikhs going to visit the Afghani President were killed by a suicide bomber. Sikhs and Hindus are no longer safe living in Afghanistan.

WSO is pushing for direct sponsorship of these individuals to Canada, supported by the Government. If that fails, then we will pursue working with organizations and Gurdwaras across the world to privately sponsor families. Each family that comes to Canada must be sponsored through the Government of Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. Sponsors are required to pledge a minimum of $7,600 per person (subject to change based on Governments mandates) and deposit funds in trust. Sponsors are responsible for supporting and helping settle refugee families for at least one year after their arrival.

Due to the overwhelming response from the community, WSO is looking to create a list of individuals who would like to sponsor a family or support the cause. Please note that groups of people can sponsor one family together.

Individuals will only be contacted should we be required to go the private sponsorship route.
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