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Please fill out the below questions and then the Team TFC recruitment team will respond (usually within 24 - 48 hours) regarding your applications. The questions below are just for us to validate a riders equipment set up as we want to ensure all riders adhere to our desire for fair play when it comes to Zwift racing.
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What is your name?
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What is your indoor training set up?
Please include description of your trainer (make + model), what device you run zwift on and bike etc.
Do you regularly ride / race / train with a heart rate monitor?
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Do you use a power meter on your bike when riding outdoors?
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Do you have the capacity to dual record?
This is mainly a question for those towards the elite end of Zwift racing - Cat A/A+ as we have riders representing us in some elite Zwift categories and not a problem if not. (Dual recording means a smart trainer and separate power meter such as power meter crank or pedals)
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What time zone do you normally race with?
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Are you already signed up on Zwiftpower?
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Can you please provide the link to your Zwiftpower profile?
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Are you happy to sign up to what TFC stands for?
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TFC member guidelines
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