Witch Bitch Thrift:June Community Fund Application

What's the Community Fund?

Witch Bitch Thrift has a mutual aid program where customers will be able to donate shop credit towards The Community Fund that will then be used to provide free access to clothing and secondhand goods to the local community.

How does it work?

🔸 On the first of each month, an application form will go live and we will accept applications for 2 weeks.

🔸 After this enrollment period, we will take the remaining 2 weeks in the month to review applications. Based on how much is available in the fund, we will reach out to those that have been elected to receive credit for this round.

🔸 We will specifically be prioritizing those that identify as BIPOC, Queer, Trans, etc.

🔸 We cannot promise that everyone who is not selected will receive a response, but there is no limit on how many rounds you can apply for.

🔸 Recipients will be able to use these funds towards any second hand items in the store

🔸 This fund will be entirely driven by donations, mainly through our Buying process where customers will be able to select to donate their payout to the Community Fund instead of receiving cash or store credit. We will also be able to acccept direct cash donations at the register. Please note that this would not be a tax deductible donation.

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