NCA Tidal Toast Survey
Thank you for joining our Virtual Tidal Toast event. We have put together a brief questionnaire to hear from our network about their experience with the Creek, priorities for the future and ways for NCA to improve our work. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts.
For you, what is the most important environmental issue facing Newtown Creek?
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Which areas along the Creek have you visited? (check all that apply)
Please choose up to THREE programs would you like to see NCA invest more in:
Which NCA open space planning project are you most interested in?
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If you had one primary concern regarding the Superfund cleanup of the Creek, what would it be?
What area of the Creek would you personally like to see more improvements along?
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How did you come to learn about NCA?
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Have you volunteered with NCA before?
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What is one way to increase awareness about Newtown Creek?
Your dream for Newtown Creek is:
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