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Help us keep a list of all the global cage-free and broiler commitments. When you secure a victory, please fill out this form. Your submission will be added to the Commitment Tracker - they will not appear in the tracker right away, as they first need to be formatted.

If you have secured multiple victories or commitments from a company with different regional timelines, please submit a form for each. If you run into issues, email

The commitment tracker can be found here:

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Policy Information
Company name *
Name of the company who is releasing a cage-free policy (i.e. not your organization's name)
Sub-brands affected by policy *
List the additional brands that are covered by the policy (if any)
Policy description *
1-2 sentences that describe the policy. Be sure to note any limitations to the policy, such as countries within a region that are not covered or brands within that company that will not honor the commitment. For example: "100% cage-free globally by 2025 except in China" or "Broiler policy (genetics, stocking density, environmental enrichments, slaughter, and auditing) in United States and Canada by 2024"
Screenshot of policy *
Sometimes companies make commitments that they don't intend to keep. Other times, policies can get lost when the website is redone. A screenshot of the policy is incredibly useful in making sure that the company honors its commitment. If the company did not release a public policy on its site, you can also take a screenshot or photocopy of an email exchange or of a signed letter. We suggest using Nimbus Screen Capture, a browser extension, to take high-quality screenshots.
Link to cage-free or broiler policy
This tracker is used to compile public commitments. Publicly available policies allow consumers to hold a company accountable if they fall short on their promises. We use policy URLs as supplemental information. Since companies often remove or change website URLs, screenshots are the primary tracking tool.
Country or countries covered by policy *
If adding multiple countries, list in alphabetical order using commas. For example: "Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania". If policy applies to entire region, simply note the region, for example "Europe" or "Global". NOTE: in order for a policy to be considered global, it must apply to all of the countries that companies operates in and that company must do business in at least 3 continents.
Continent/region *
This data will help other groups view all the policies that exist in a particular continent. Ex: for a policy in Mexico, select "Latin & South America"; for a policy in Lithuania, select "Europe" and "Baltics"
Industry *
Choose the industry and subindustry that best reflects the company. You can select multiple industries if applicable. NOTE: read this Glossary of Industry Types to make sure you select the right one (
Group(s) involved
This section is intended to help us follow-up if there's an issue with the policy. We know that victories often involve many players. The purpose of this section is not to 'take credit' but rather, to share as much relevant information internally as possible. This information is only shown in the backend data and not available publicly.
Implementation timeline *
This is the year that the company will have fully implemented the policy (ex: 2025). If the company is already cage-free, you can put the year that they went cage-free, the year they announced their cage-free status, or the year that you confirmed their cage-free status.
Victory date *
This is the date that you secured the policy (through dialogue or campaigning). For companies who announced a cage-free policy on their own, this can be the date that they put out a press release or the date that you found out that company already had a cage-free policy.
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