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ESA, Environmental Sciences Academy located at Western Albemarle High School
Director: Adam Mulcahy email:

Environmental studies is the interdisciplinary academic field that studies human interaction with the natural environment in the interest of solving complex problems. The Environmental Studies Academy is a “fun and challenging”, high school option for students to consider. This program stresses collaboration, project based learning, and engagement through labs and hands on learning. All Students will develop a comprehensive digital portfolio including work samples and a capstone project in the ESA. The ESA is a four-year academic program designed to prepare students for a variety of college and career options in environmental and science based fields.

HMSA Health and Medical Sciences Academy located at Monticello High School
Director: Jeremy Dove email:

The Health and Medical Sciences Academy empowers students to utilize 21st century skills while exploring health science career opportunities. The program will provide students a foundation for post-secondary education or workforce readiness in certified health related professions. Students will explore core content with technology through integrated projects, case studies, and focused learning experiences.


MESA, Math Engineering and Science Academy located at Albemarle High School
Director: Tony Wayne email:

The Math, Engineering and Science Academy offers a four-year program designed to prepare students for a college preparatory pathway to a career in engineering. Students will thrive in a state-of-the-art laboratory environment designed to provide authentic experiences in mathematics, engineering, and science. Academy students will explore science and mathematics through the lens of engineering research and design. Students will learn to communicate complex ideas reflecting the rapid growth of technologies applicable in the global community. Students enrolled in the Academy will have the opportunity to experiment with cutting edge technologies as they interact and intern with professionals in the science, mathematical, and engineering fields. The MESA program begins with the Algebra II curriculum and Honors Physics.


Murray HighSchool
Principal: Chad Ratliff: email:

Our school aims to foster creativity and intellectual curiosity through art and design, experiential learning, mastery, and student agency.

As a lab school for student-centered learning, we also exist to design and pilot nontraditional approaches to education that align to ACPS mission, vision, and goals with intent to inform practices more broadly.

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