2020 Tour - City Host Application
Would you like to bring 4TBP Gathering + Photoshoot to your community? Applications are now open for 2020

Please note that this application is specifically for hosts and participants who are interested in planning, organizing, or hosting a gathering + photoshoot in their community.
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What Month / Months would be the best for 4TBP to come to your city? (We try to limit our travels to one city per month) *
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Why should we come to your city/community? What would it mean to your community? How would participating in 4TBP empower your community? *
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Are you a hopeful participant or a community partner? *
Community Partner / Location Host / Organization
If you are someone who owns a local business, leads a support group, is the member of an organization, etc who can offer space and support to bring 4TBP to your community please answer the following.
Name of Community Partner Business / Location
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Are you able to donate a location free of charge? (Sessions are typically scheduled from 9am - 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday for 6-12 families)
We ask that all locations/donated spaces provide at least a 10x10 ft space to set up our mobile studio AND a similarly sized space for our families to gather. This can be one large room or two separate spaces. Please describe your space.
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Is the space? / Does the space have?
Individual / Organizer
If you are an individual who would like to help organize a 4TBP gathering + photoshoot in your community please answer the following.
Have you participated in 4TBP Previously?
If yes, when/where?
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How can you help us spread the word, make connections, and increase recruitment in your community?
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