Inspired Hostess Application
Every Inspired Luncheon is intentionally designed to connect, empower and celebrate working women. One way Inspired celebrates working women is to elevate a local woman to position of Inspired Hostess each month.

As Hostess; the woman pulls together the theme, sponsors and speaker for the event, but, the women does not work alone. The Inspired board and speaker committee, come alongside the Hostess, providing necessary guidance to ensure the luncheon blesses our tribe of working women who will be in attendance.

Any working woman may apply to be Hostess regardless of current job role or position.

Picking the theme of the event is one of the most empowering roles the Hostess fills. The goal of each lunch is to present relevant information to working women that will educate, inform, inspire and sometimes challenge our lunch attendees to gain personal and/or professional growth. We welcome Hostesses to consider creative and, if possible, interactive luncheon programs. Hostesses may focus their theme and agenda around topics including, but not limited to, business skills, marketing and branding, money, health and fitness, relationships, safety, community issues and even home and office improvement. We also enjoy success stories; hearing from a working women who has overcome challenges to achieve the position they have today.

Each Hostess will be honored with marketing spotlights on website and on social media prior to event and at the lunch itself.

Career Building Tip: The role of hostess is one that will elevate and sharpen a working women's event skills and is a worthy addition to a resume.

We invite you to apply to be a upcoming Inspired Hostess (Schedule usually set 6 months or more in advance.). Any questions; email

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