Johns Hopkins APL Summer Center for Space Science Registration 2020
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I hereby give permission for my child to apply to the Summer Center for Space Science program and to participate in all events sponsored by this Center. I grant permission for school offices to report my child's achievement and aptitude scores to this Center’s personnel. I understand that the teacher recommendations and test results will be maintained in confidence and that applications will not be returned to students. Also, I will allow my student to complete questionnaires designed to evaluate the program. I further permit my child to participate in events designed to promote the benefits of gifted education.
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STUDENTS: Please copy and paste your essay here: *
Your essay will provide information about your interest and abilities to participate in the Johns Hopkins APL Summer Center for Space Science. Please carefully read the description for this Center before writing your essay (limited to 500 words). Note: If you have a documented learning disability, you should follow the recommended modifications in the student's IEP. ESOL/ELL/EL students with learning disabilities: You may have an adult type an essay that you communicate. INSTRUCTIONS for writing the essay: Enter your name on the first line at the top. Enter Johns Hopkins APL Summer Center for Space Science on the second line. In your essay, please answer the following questions: 1) Why are you interested in attending the Summer Center for Space Science? 2) What experiences have you had that are related to space and space science? 3) What achievements, special training, awards, or honors have you received related to space science? 4) What do you hope to learn by participating in this summer program? At the bottom of your essay, type the following: “I pledge that this essay was written by me and represented my ability.” Limit your essay to 500 words and proofread your essay prior to adding it to your registration form. It will be reviewed and should represent your best writing skills.
For questions regarding the Summer Center for Space Science program, please contact the JHU/APL manager-Linda Butler at For application-specific questions, please contact the Center Coordinator, Serena Rizkallah, at
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