RA Contract Request: Spring 2020
Please use this form to request an RA contract for Spring 2020. Although it is customary and good practice to include benefits (tuition and/or health insurance coverage), there are no university or department requirements that you provide them. Please note, all contracts will be generated via DocuSign with electronic signatures - check your email.
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Period of Contract Appointment: Please pay attention to start and end dates!! It can be very helpful for future reference if you keep copies of all your RA contracts and enter your RAs' contract start and end dates in your Google Calendar.
**Please note**- There is a 3 pay-period gap between Fall and Spring appointments during the months of December and January.
Contract Dates (note 1st day of classes for spring 2020 semester is Jan. 27) *
Number of Weekly Hours (students cannot work more than 20 hours/week in a regular semester) *
Amount stated should correspond with "Period of Appointment"

For calculation purposes --> Based on a 20 pay-period Fall & Spring appointment, the department's bi-weekly pay rate for Graduate TAs is:

10-hour: $492.55 bi-weekly old rate ($497.50 new rate effective Jan. 1, 2020 due to 1% COLA)

20-hour: $985.09 bi-weekly old rate ($995. new rate effective Jan. 1, 2020 due to 1% COLA)

*This stipend calculation assumes that the student is NOT working during the 2 pay-periods which occur over winter Break. Graduate TAs appointed to a contract covering Fall & Spring are paid over 20 pay-periods, their stipend is distributed over the full contract.

NOTE: The bi-weekly pays noted above reflects the 3% COLA effective July 1, 2019 approved by the Maryland State Legislature. They also reflect the 1% COLA increase as of Jan.1, 2020 For more information go to: https://gradschool.umbc.edu/funding/assistantships/stipends/
Total Stipend/Salary (FULL stipend amount for the entire contract, not the bi-weekly rate) *
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Tuition Remission
You may pick any number of credits to provide for tuition remission during each semester of the contract period. Please remember that graduate assistants MUST be registered as "full-time" students (at least 9-credits each semester) to have a graduate assistantship.

Graduate Assistants must register for GRAD 600 (part-time RAs) or GRAD 601 (full-time RAs). These courses are tuition/fees free but allow the university to track the number and types of graduate assistants. GRAD 600 is good for 3 credits and GRAD 601 is good for 5 credits therefore reducing the number of "actual" credits that a student must register for.
Number of Tuition Remission Credits *
Health Insurance Coverage
Rates: Spring/Summer 20: Student: $2601.00
Spouse: $2582.00
Child: $2661.00
Will Health Insurance Coverage Be Provided? *
Which account(s) will this contract be paid from?
Please the indicate FULL chart string(s) the contract should be charged to. If you will be splitting between multiple chart strings, please indicate what % will come from each chart string.

SAMPLE Chart String: 1253-10463-022-CSEE1234-BUD001

If you are unsure of what the full chart string is, Dee Ann Drummey, Bob Chester or Alex Hart can provide this information.

**Most grants do not allow for benefits only to be charged for a Research Assistant. This means that you cannot charge stipend to one grant and benefits to another.**
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