CROOMS Business Advisory Council 2018-2019 Scholarship Application
To acknowledge outstanding senior students who are seeking to pursue secondary education at an accredited Technical School, College, or University.

This program is designed to recognize academic achievement & improvement in addition to recognizing those students who have continually strived for excellence in other Crooms organizations as well as the community. This scholarship may also consider economic need coupled with other factors to determine and award.

• Be a high school senior at Crooms AOIT and must be enrolled as a student for at least two (2) school years.
• Have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better for the previous 2 semesters and at least a 2.8 or greater GPA overall.
• Demonstrate a sense of community and community interaction. Provide a reference letter (s) to support your statement.*
• Demonstration of initiative with a combination of extracurricular activities and leadership abilities is a plus. Provide a letter(s) from a faculty member and/or an extra-curricular advisor to support your activities/participation. *
• Submit a well prepared resume.
• Submit the one page only unofficial transcript-(Class Summary-For Advisement Purposes Only) (PDF from the FTE Clerk) and application. If you submit more than one-page transcript, your application will not be considered.
• Provide a teacher (s) recommendation letter (s).*
• Submit a type-written, essay response of not more than 250 words, typed Times New Roman 12-pt font, 1-inch margins and double spaced in response to the following essay prompt: (also note the additional questions in boxes-Community Service, Extracurricular, and Special Consideration – should be filled out if applicable).

*These letters must include contact information (name, title, organization, email address and telephone number (s).*

Essay Prompt:
In a world where technology grows and changes so quickly, businesses are looking to hire employees who are independent learners rather than employees who already have a skill set but no ability to learn new skills on their own. Please explain how your high school experience at Crooms AOIT has helped you develop into an independent learner as well as make a difference in your life. Please include any work-related experiences such as volunteering, job shadowing experiences, and employment and/or internships, etc.

Note: No one factor shall be above all other factors. The final decision shall be based on a combination of factors. The committee reserves the right to award a single $500.00 scholarship to meet a special need, such as a student who has shown significant improvement during his/her tenure at Crooms.

Notification Process: Crooms Business Advisory Committee Scholarship: Four (4) $500.00 scholarships will be awarded. The committee reserves the right to award additional scholarships or increased amounts based on available funding at the time of award. A Crooms committee, which will be a combination of faculty and Business Advisory Board Members, will select the recipients based upon a set of specific criteria.

Our scholarship recipients may be recognized along with other high school students from other Orange and Seminole schools at a National Academy Foundation Breakfast. These students will also be recognized by a Business Advisory member at the Awards Ceremony. The scholarship should be used for the purpose of tuition and/or college related expenses.

All application materials must be submitted online, by the end of the school day on Thursday, February 14, 2019. Recipients of the award will be notified via a letter from the Business Advisory Council.

Note: Do not alter or modify the application and fill it in as provided. Please note that all applications must be typed and not hand written. Hand written applications will not be accepted. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and non-negotiable.

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