Crooms AoIT Multi-Scholarship Application
CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far in your educational career!

As a demonstration of our support of your academic excellence, community involvement, and the pursuit of higher education, we are proud to offer graduating seniors of Crooms Academy of Information Technology (Crooms AoIT) the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships using this single application in order to support your post-secondary education pursuits at an accredited technical school, college, or university.

The scholarships supported through this application are designed to recognize academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, academic improvement, and knowledge. In addition to recognizing students who continually strive for excellence in other Crooms organizations, these scholarships may also consider economic needs with other factors to determine and award.

By using this multi-scholarship application, you are able to apply for the following scholarships:

1. Crooms AoIT Alumni Community Scholarship $1,000.00 **
2. Crooms AoIT Athletic Scholarship $500.00
3. Crooms Business Advisory Committee Scholarship $500.00
4. Dr. Vogel Scholarship $500.00
5. Edward Blacksheare Scholarship $500.00
6. InstaNatura $2,500.00**
7. NAF Scholarship $500.00**
8. Veritas Scholarship $500.00**

**Subject to funding availability

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