Cedar Ridge Battle of the Books Sign-ups 2019-2020
HI! We are so excited to do Battle of the Books this year! Let the games begin! Make sure to read EVERY question carefully! If you want a friend to be on a team, they have to sign up on their own as well.
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Have you already read any of the books for this year's Battles? Its okay if you haven't! Here is the book list for your grade. *
If you have read some of them for your grade level already, please write the number of how many you have read so far! (It really is okay if you haven't read any)
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If you'd like, list 1-2 friends (first and last names) you want to be on a team with. We will do our very best to put friends together. Putting your friends on this list DOES NOT sign them up. They still have to sign up for themselves.
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Does your parent want to be a team coach? If they don't, leave this answer blank. If they do, put their email here:
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