Girls Rock! Radio Application

Girls Rock and PBS Radio 106.7fm are excited to announce ‘Girls Rock! Radio’, a 2-day weekend course that will teach participants about:

• Using radio studio equipment
• Interviewing bands
• Volunteering and career paths in the Music industry
• Researching and presenting artists
• Creating a radio show/podcast
• Selecting music
• Writing for radio
• Community Radio and the contemporary Melbourne music scene

This program runs Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27 from 10 am - 4 pm each day at PBS Studios, 47 Easey St, Collingwood. You will be required to bring your own lunch each day.

This program is open to female, trans, and gender diverse youth aged 12-17. No prior radio experience is necessary.

Cost: $100 full fee for 2-day course (limited number of half fee and scholarship places available)
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What (if any) ethnic groups does your family self-identify with? (e.g. Chinese-Australian, Indigenous, British-Australian, Indian, etc.) Note: GR!M welcomes people from all backgrounds. We ask you to disclose this information because this is a grant-funded program and it is required for grant reporting.
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How to use radio studio equipment
The history of PBS & Melbourne music
Interviews: How to do interview someone
Interviews: How to be interviewed
Volunteering & career paths in the music industry
How to present your favourite artists
How to create a radio show/podcast
How to select which music to play
How to write for radio
What are you most hoping to learn from this course? *
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Girls Rock! Melbourne aims to be accessible to all participants, no matter what their financial background. Reduced fees and payment plans are available. What type of place are you applying for? *
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If you require a Half Fee or Scholarship place, please indicate why. All information is strictly confidential.
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I authorise Girls Rock! Melbourne and any media outlet authorised by Girls Rock! Melbourne to use my participant's name, text, likeness, voice, interview, and performance in any article, television program, or in any other media format to promote the organisation. *
GR!M believes everyone should be able to attend our events and offers financial aid to participants from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you wish, you can make a contribution of any size on top of your child's fee to help fund a child who otherwise could not afford to attend and benefit from our programs. If you wish to do this, please nominate how much you are willing to contribute, and we will invoice you accordingly. Thank you for your consideration.
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