AE Tools Return/Repair Request
This form must be filled out in full to receive approval for repair and an RA number to send the tool to us.
DO NOT just ship your tool without receiving an RA approval from us. IT WILL NOT BE REPAIRED, it will only delay the process.
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Detailed Tool Issues or Problems? *
In as much detail as possible, describe the issues you are having with the tool
Is the tool totally nonfunctional? *
Communication Issues? *
Is the issue a laptop to tool, or tool to vehicle communication issue?
When does the problem occur? *
If the issue is tool to vehicle communication, is it occurring on all vehicles, or just certain vehicles? If certain vehicles, please list which vehicles
Is this problem occuring on CAN or non-CAN vehicles? *
Please list everything you are shipping back including charger *
e.g. Tech II, CANdi Module, Cables, etc.
Repair/Return Authorization Number
Once your request is reviewed, an RA Number will be assigned and emailed back to you within 24 hours.
Please DO NOT ship any tools until you have received confirmation.
Instructions For After Your Receive The RA Number
1) All returns must include the item in original packaging (if available).
2) All repairs must include all cables AND POWER SUPPLY OR CHARGER with the tool so we can fully troubleshoot the issues (no tool carrying case required).
3) There will be a minimum evaluation charge of $100 which will be applied towards the repair costs.
4) Include a copy of the actual RA email with your order

AE Tools reserves the right to review all orders at which point we may accept or decline any order for any reason, regardless of any confirmation receipt sent by the customer. When returning products we strongly recommend the use of a carrier that can track packages and calculate correct postage, as we do not accept any returned packages with postage due. AE Tools is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping to the repair center. You also assume responsibly for insuring the returned item. AE Tools retains ownership of all products until payment is received.
Call 913-856-6678 if you have questions.
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