Space to Learn: Local Build Volunteer
Put your personal shop or garage to good use and help the Minnesota Tool Library launch a Space to Learn in even more communities! Join our build team, make desks for local youth, and distribute them directly to your local school so kids can make the most out of their distance learning experience. Or make them for your own family and friends!

We've already launched 600 desks, and have had volunteers like you replicate the project using our plans in greater MN, NY, FL, and even in Nova Scotia!

MTL is wrapping up our build projects on-site, but we hope you'll choose to expand our reach and share your skills, time, and talent. We know the need for desks is far greater than our initial project funding, and we know many more children can use a Space To Learn. We'll happily provide you with the build specs, answer any questions you may have, and for those building locally - provide consumables as available and even extend limited lending privileges for those who wish to help, but may lack a tool or two to get the job done.

Desk materials average $20-25 each and take the average DIY'er about 4 hours to craft.
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I understand that the MN Tool Library will not coordinate the distribution of my desks. I will identify the need in my community and arrange for distribution directly to those in need through my local school, PTO, or a nonprofit community partner. Furthermore, I agree I will not directly profit from making or selling these desks, and any freewill donations will go directly to help cover material costs or be donated to a 501C3 whose mission is compatible with the MN Tool Library.
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I AGREE to recognize MTL in any outreach or publicity and build according to the plans provided without making any significant alterations. *
Sharing stories is part of what makes this project possible. We would appreciate a mention or tag in any social media, correspondence, or publicity related to your build. Our volunteers have poured thousands of hours into this project and we want to ensure all your efforts are recognized.
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