Indoor Worship Registration - Sunday, September 26
If you would like to attend our indoor worship service with Holy Communion at 10:45 am on Sunday, September 26, please review and complete this form. For the indoor service at 5:30 pm on Saturdays and the outdoor service at 9 am on Sundays, no registration in required. Please note that this registration is only for the Sunday of September 26. Subsequent Sundays will have their own registration form, which must be filled-out in order to worship with us indoors. Anyone who comes to worship not having registered is not guaranteed admittance.

To ensure proper social distance and observe capacity restrictions, registrations are limited. They will open at noon on Monday and close either at noon on Thursday, September 23 or when capacity for the week has been reached, whichever comes first. Efforts will be made next week to accommodate those who missed the opportunity to worship with us this week, but the best guarantee to worship with us is to sign-up as soon as possible.

Our form allows you to register either alone or as a party. The only way to be seated with someone else is to register together as a party. Your entire party must arrive and be seated together. If you must register someone who will arrive separately from you, please fill out a separate form, understanding that they will be seated apart from you. If you know someone who has difficulty registering online, please have them call our office at 609-882-7759.

Once you have completed this form, you will receive a confirmation email along with important information about procedures to follow and what to expect when you worship indoors with us. If for any reason you must cancel or change your registration, please contact the office immediately by emailing so that we can open your space up for other worshippers.

NOTE: This worship service will be live-streamed to the public on our YouTube page, and a recording of it will be preserved there for public viewing. Based on the placement of the camera, it is possible that certain pews will be visible online. If for any reason you would like not to appear on the livestream, please make sure to check the appropriate box on this form, understanding that this may mean we are unable to accommodate you this week.
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How many are in your party? *
If your party has four or more people in it, are you willing to seated separately? *
If need be, parties of four or more may be split into groups of two's and three's. Please understand that if you are unwilling to be seated separately, we may be unable to accommodate you this week.
Is it important that you not be visible on the public livestream from your seat? *
Not all seats will be visible on the livestream, and the distribution of Holy Communion will not be broadcast. Please understand that if it is important that your seat not be visible, we may be unable to accommodate you this week.
Do you have any accessibility needs, such as a space for a wheelchair, large print bulletin, or a seat where you could come and go easily? If so, please let us know. If a conversation with staff would be better, please let us know how best to contact you.
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