Survey: How Do You Define Success for an Integrative Oncology Program?
Survey for the hospital-practice acupuncturist community. Date started: 8.1.2019
Goal: learn about the current standards and metrics for integrative oncology programs, focus on the work of licensed acupuncturists
How will this info be used?
(1) Continue discussion in the community about the following topics: using metrics in clinical care, finding relevant metrics for your work, how integrative oncology programs are being set up, maintained, and grown
(2) when enough information, a blogpost summary and summary document(s) available to the discussion community.
(3) follow up interview potential about specific programs for those interested in participating, part of the "issues in hospital practice" community webinar/interview series. For more about this special Project series:
How Do You Define Success in an Integrative Oncology Acupuncture Program/Clinic?
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