Maine Academic Libraries Day Survey
As MLA looks to the future of Maine Academic Libraries Day (MALD), we'd like to get a sense of what the different academic librarians in the state would like to see from the day, and from statewide coordination of our field as a whole. We'd like this event--or one like it--to be as useful to you as possible.
Which months work best for you to attend MALD?
This year, we've experimented with having a library vendor (Ex Libris) attend the conference and help sponsor it. Do you think this
Do you attend MLA's annual conference in the fall?
Why or why not?
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What has been particularly beneficial to you about MALD? What would you like to see continue?
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Have there been any aspects of MALD you'd like to see change?
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If you're interested in helping to plan or host MALD in future years leave your contact info here.
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