El Chupacabra Ate Your Google Apps SimpleQuest
Don't Scream Yet! El Chupacabra may get your goats or your Google Apps! Show El Chupacabra who is boss by showing you know these Google Apps skills! Set goals for what you do not know. Do not turn out the lights at night until you've mastered at least 25 quests!
El Chupacabra
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Below is your list of quests. Click "Achieved" as you complete each one. Submit the Form. Use the edit response link, which will be emailed to you, to complete additional quests. Remember to submit each time.
Drive: Can create a Google Slides
Click the new button in drive.google.com and choose Slides
Drive: Can create a folder
Click the new button and create a folder
Drive: Can share a folder and documents in a folder
Documents in a folder are automatically shared with collaborators on the folder. You can modify sharing permissions on a document by document basis.
Drive: Can search for files
Use the search box at the top of Drive. Click arrow in search box to filter search.
Drive: Uses recent or shared with me
On the left hand side of Drive you can filter your files for recently edited or for files shared with you.
Classroom: Can create a new classroom
http://classroom.google.com click plus icon and create class
Classroom: Can attach collaborative files
Add an assignment with an attachment as "Students can edit file"
Classroom: Can poll the class with a question
Add a question style poll
Classroom: Can give private feedback comments
Click on the assignment title, click on a students name on the left, leave private comments
Classroom: Can schedule a post
Click on arrow next to post and instead choose schedule
Docs: Can share a doc with a collaborator
Click on the blue share button, type in collaborator email address
Docs: Can locate the version history
Use the File menu to see the versions of the document and to restore an old version
Docs: Can email collaborators
Use the File menu to email collaborators with a status update
Docs: Can insert feedback comments
Use the insert menu, right click or the feedback icon to put a feedback "post it" on the side
Docs: Can use keyboard shortcut to insert comments
Use Control Alt M to insert a comment and Control Enter to save the comment
Sheets: Has made a Google Sheets spreadsheet
Go to Google Drive and click New Sheets or http://sheets.google.com
Sheets: Can add multiple sheets
Use the plus icon in the bottom left to add additional sheets (tabs)
Sheets: Can increase or reduce the column and row width
Hover between the column or row indicators to increase or decrease width
Sheets: Can set word wrapping
Select a range, use the toolbar to change the word wrapping
Sheets: Can merge cells
Select a range, use the toolbar to merge the cells together
Slides: Can have multiple students collaborate on the same Google Slides.
Click on the blue share button, change from private to "anyone with the link can edit" or attach in Classroom as "Students can edit file"
Slides: Can change the theme
Click on the theme button in the toolbar
Slides: Can set the background image
Click on the background button in the toolbar
Slides: Can import slides from another presentation
Use the Insert menu to choose "Import Slides"
Slides: Can use audience participation Q&A during the presentation
Next to the presentation button is an arrow, click on it and choose to present with Q&A
Slides: Can insert and modify shapes
Use the toolbar to insert circles, lines, etc...
Drawing: Has made a Google Drawing
Click the new button in Google Drive and under More select Drawing
Drawing: Holds down the shift key when drawing lines or shapes
Hold shift key when manipulating shapes and lines
Drawing: Able to adjust the opacity on the fill of a shape
In the paint can colors, click on customize. Use the right slider to adjust the opacity
Forms: Has created and used a Google Form with students
Click the new button in Google Drive and under More select Form
Forms: Has used http://forms.google.com to create a Google Form
Create a blank Form or use a template on the Form screen
Forms: Can create a spreadsheet to collect Form responses
Click on the responses tab in the edit screen of a Google Form
Forms: Can turn on quiz grading
Click on the settings cog in Google Form edit screen and click on Quizzes tab to enable quiz grading.
Forms: Can shuffle answer order
Click on the 3 dots in the bottom right of a multiple choice question to shuffle the answer choices
Forms: Can share a Form ready to fill out
Click on the eyeball icon in the edit screen and share that link
YouTube: Can upload a video
Sign into http://youtube.com and click on upload button. Drag video for upload into YouTube
Scholar: Has looked up a research paper
Books: Has shared an eText with students
Maps: Has created a http://mymaps.google.com collaborative map for students
Click the share option in mymaps to change the sharing settings to allow others to edit the same map.
Art Project: Has shared http://culturalinstitute.google.com with students
Show students art from around the world
Don't Let the Chupacabra Eat Your Google Docs!
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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