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The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund is expanding to two additional communities by 2018. Does your city have an existing high-speed network or are you exploring implementing one? Do you think your smart and connected community could benefit from learning network and innovation fund activities? We would love to hear from you!

To be considered as an expansion city candidate, please complete this form by November 9, 2016 at 5:00pm Eastern.

Our fourth and fifth expansion cities will be announced in February 2017. $150,00 in Innovation Funds in will be made available in each community for eligible projects. To learn more about how Mozilla administers these grants and about the Gigabit Community Fund program, please visit

Questions? Read more in our Frequently Asked Questions:

(This program is limited to U.S. cities only.)

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Is your city a gigabit community?
Your City's Gigabit Story
What service providers are you working with? Is your network a fiber to the home network? How long has the network been in existance?
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What percentage of homes in your city do you estimate are connected to a gigabit network?
What percentage of K-12 schools in your city do you estimate are connected to a gigabit network?
What percentage of anchor organizations in your city like museums and libraries do you estimate are connected to a gigabit network?
Are you currently working with our partners at US Ignite?
Your City's Education Landscape
What's the education community like in your city? What kind of informal education institutions do you have? Are there any digital literacy programs in place in your city?
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How might your community benefit from the Gigabit Community Fund and Hive? What could other Gigabit Community Fund cities learn from your city?
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Lead Contact Name
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Lead Contact Organization
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Lead Contact Email
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Any additional questions or comments?
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