Enquiry request - working with Rhonda Best
Before we can assess whether what you want to achieve might be a good fit to what Rhonda Best does, we have a few non-intrusive questions that will help us establish how she can help.
Tell us about your role in the business. Choose which of the following best describes your position. If none of these fit, please use the 'Other' text box to insert your position title.
Do you manage a team?
In a paragraph or 2 tell me more about the business industry in which you operate, for example sector size, size of your business, market share if you know it, business age, the CEO's mission / vision etc
We just need big picture details here. For example you might say something like 'We operate in London, within the recruitment industry. There are 100 employees in this 5 year old business. The CEO's mission is to provide distinguishable value to both our customer types (employers and candidates).' The more you tell us, the more relevant the assessment can be.
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What degree of influence would you say you have in the growth strategy the business adopts?
From a personal point of view, what results would you like to achieve from your work within the next 12 months?
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