Homeschool course evaluation - student
We want to know about your experience(s) at Cedar Creek! This is a survey about how you felt about your time at Cedar Creek, and whether the activities you did impacted your attitudes about science. Please answer the questions below. Your answers will help Cedar Creek make their homeschool programs and field trips better. Answering honestly will help us get the best results. The survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes and you can skip any questions you want to. Thank you for participating in this year's homeschool programs!
At Cedar Creek, did you learn something new about what scientists do?
If “yes” or “kind of,” what new thing(s) did you learn about what scientists do? Describe:
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Did you feel like a scientist during any of the activities at Cedar Creek?
If "yes" or "kind of," when do you remember feeling like a scientist? What were you doing?
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How interested in science were you BEFORE your class(es) at Cedar Creek?
How interested in science were you AFTER your class(es) at Cedar Creek?
If you attended multiple classes at Cedar Creek, what was your favorite topic and why?
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What was the best part of your experience(s) at Cedar Creek?
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What can we improve on for next year?
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If there is anything else you'd like to tell us about your time at Cedar Creek, feel free to do so here:
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