Toronto Entrepreneurs Connect Christmas Virtual Market Application!
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application for our December 1st - December 20th 2021 Christmas Virtual Market. Organized and facilitated through our Toronto Entrepreneurs Connect platform. We use our ever growing platforms as a tool to promote and support small businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists. With a focus on e-commerce traffic, reaching new potential customers and building social presence. This is an ideal and affordable way for sellers to maximize their reach, content value, and drive potential customers to their e-commerce platforms. Thank you for sharing your brand and goods with us! We look forward to working with you and helping you build your online presence and introduce customers to your brand and goods.

Fee To Participate: $55

Date: December 1st - December 20th 2021

- Promotional Post on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. That includes four pictures of your products. Showing your variety in goods and services. With unique and appealing copy tailored to your brand. Intended to elevate and appeal to a wide customer audience. Compete with hashtags relevant to your brand and to widen your reach of potential customers.

- A portion of your free, $10 will be spent on paid advertising of your post on Facebook and Instagram. With direct links to your online store.

- Online stores listed and linked in our paid promoted Facebook event. Which will be shared by other sellers as well and engaged customers and supporters.

- Two Instagram/Facebook stories featuring different products than your main post. All with direct links that send potential customers directly to your online store.

- On your specific seller promotional day, your Instagram page and online store listed in our Instagram bio. 

- Advertisement of any sales, deals, or promotions you may be having while the virtual market is taking place. 

Thank you for your application and your time. We look forward to working with you and your unique brand.
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