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Hey everyone! We're mega stoked for the season to get started. This year, we're going to focus on 1) making you the most badass ultimate frisbee player you can be, 2) game time experience for our players, and 3) having a blast together! Tryouts will be in early April. We'll have one mandatory practice per week (Wednesdays) starting mid April, and for Mondays- optional (but highly encouraged) women's league (Mondays 7-9pm, May 7-Jun 4), and outside of this optional Monday practices every other Monday.

Our tournaments are:
Winter City Warm-up, Edmonton AB (May 27)
Flowerbowl, Vancouver BC (June 2-3)
Training Camp, Edmonton AB (June 16)
Prairie Disc, Regina, SK (July 14/15, TBC)
?Regionals, July, AB (TBC)
Nationals, Brampton, ON (Aug 16-19, depending on whether or not we win a bid)

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Amanda and Snorton :)

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Winter City Warm-up, Edmonton (May 27)
Flowerbowl, Vancouver BC (June 2-3)
Training Camp, Edmonton (June 16)
Prairie Disc, Regina (July 14/15, TBC)
?????Regionals?, AB (??July)
Nationals, Brampton ON (Aug 16-19)
Anything else you'd like us to know about you? Any suggestions for the season? Do you have an all time favourite ultimate frisbee celebrity? Leave 'em here!
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