NYC Labor Day Parade September 7th, 2019
The 2019 annual Labor Day Parades are fast approaching and PEF needs your proven leadership and organizing skills. This year, as a matter of urgency, our Contract Team needs every member in our divisions, and workplaces to participate in the Labor Day Parade in NYC on September 7th, 2019. In order to be successful, we also need people to help recruit members to participate by having one on one conversations, texting and calling fellow members.

The annual Labor Day Parades are nationwide events when Americans pause to pay tribute to workers like you for our collective contributions to the economic strength, prosperity and well-being of this country. It is also a time for workers to demonstrate their commitment to fair labor standards.

Our elected Political leadership usually attend the Labor Day Parades. This year, we expect the Governor to be present. This is our opportunity for PEF members from Regions 9-12 to attend and be visible, to stand with our President, our Contract Team, and PEF Leaders to put the Governor on notice that we deserve and expect a FAIR CONTRACT!!!.
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