VIDEOHOOK-UPS Call for Proposals
VIDEOHOOK-UPS ( accepts pitches for both articles and video tutorials concerning experimental film and contemporary video art. A collective for unconventional video, VIDEO HOOK-UPS seeks to motivate and inspire contemporary work through the exchange of art and ideas.

The deadline for article and video proposals is May 15th, 2018; a new deadline will be established each month.

Current rates: accepted article pitch authors will be paid $25 for a completed essay meeting VH-U editorial approval. Approved filmmakers will be paid $50 for their work upon VH-U editorial approval and completion.

Some topics of interest to VH-U:

- social media and video
- interviews with filmmakers
- projection mapping
- machinima, Second Life
- VJing
- video synthesis
- bridging the gap between cinema and video art
- organization and search of media assets through stock or Creative Commons websites

If you have any questions, please contact us: videohookups [at] gmail [dot] com

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