Food Joy 2018 Discounted Meal Kit Application
Thank you for your interest in our discounted meal kit subscription. We offer a limited number of discounted shares in an effort to make our product available to the widest range of customers. We hate to have to turn someone away due to inability to pay.

The discounted shares are available on a first-come, first-served basis, to qualified applicants. We cannot guarantee every qualified applicant a discounted share.

We reserve the right to require tax documents, proof of SNAP benefits, or other income verification tools.

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How many people does this income support? *
Include only permanent household members.
Please describe your circumstances and why you feel you could benefit from a discounted share. If you are physically or mentally disabled or otherwise unable to work, please include that information as well. *
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Are you, or is someone in your household, physically able to read a recipe card and cook a meal from scratch? *
Low-income shares are discounted by 40%, meaning they are priced at 60% of the cost of the 2018 fee schedule on the sign up page of our website. Are you able to afford this amount? *
Are you able to volunteer any time at the farm? *
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I certify that the information I have provided herein is true and correct, and will be used for the purposes of determining my eligibility for a reduced cost meal kit subscription in Food Joy's 2018 program. I understand that I may be asked to provide proof of income such as tax documentation and I am willing to provide this information to verify my eligibility.
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