Wedding Venue Survey
We are always trying to make the planning and event experience at Dana Adobe more enjoyable for our brides and grooms, One of the ways we are able to make that happen is by collecting feedback. Please take a moment to take the survey below to help us improve future wedding experiences at Dana Adobe.
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This survey is applicable to both our future Brides and past- so please answer with how the questions pertains to you.
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Please tell us how you learned about Dana Adobe Cultural Center and the Historic Dana Adobe as an event venue. *
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What options do you expect to be offered in your venue package price? *
What in house services would you like your vendor to have? *
Would you not book a venue because they require you to use their catering services? *
When you rent a wedding venue, how long do you typically expect to have the venue for? *
What features do you look for in a wedding venue? *
Are you more likely to book a venue if they have pricing packages or do you prefer for one set price for everything? *
How many guests do you expect to have/ how many guests did you have at your wedding? *
Would you prefer for set up/ clean up to be included in your cost or would you prefer a lower cost and the opportunity to set up/ clean up yourself? *
Are there any other services or amenities not provided by the venue that we should provide in the future *
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